Do It On Purpose

fingers putting puzzle peaces together

Haphazardly bumbling through life is the "lifestyle of the poor and infamous", and is theme of many people. Sure you can go to school, study hard, work hard, graduate, and even possibly land a good paying job. However, this will not guarantee happiness or satisfaction for that matter. Too many people needlessly live in despair when they could be living their dreams.

Salary and the trappings of success rarely bring the joy that people seek. Small wonder suicide rates do not decrease based on wealth or access to wealth. So what is the key to happiness? Well, one of the keys is purposeful living. Having a purpose and living on purpose are two different constructs. You can have plenty of purpose, yet fail to live that purpose out in your daily actions. Purposeful living require us to make active decisions to make choices that daily change our destinies.

What will you do to change you destiny one second, one minute, one hour at a time? Will you learn another word of that foreign language? Will you take on a new mantra that daily reminds you of your infinite divine worth? Will you complete one more report, project, or assignment so that you have one less to do this weekend? Will you plan and strategies instead of just taking the day as it comes? What will you do to go from haphazard living to planned decisive living that complements your hopes and dreams?

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