Who Are You, and Why Are You Here?

How many of us can actually answer this question: Who are you, and why are you here? I saw a post on Facebook recently that said, "I was not born just to pay bills & die." I hope each of you realize how true that statement is! I wonder how many people truly know their purpose. Greater still, how many are LIVING out their purpose?

Statistics show that only 5% are actually living their dreams. That means,that 95% of the population allow something or someone to allow us to bury, or even forget what we hoped to achieve or become. What a shame!

As a life coach, there is no greater joy than seeing my clients not only wake up the dreams that have become dormant deep inside themselves, but discover how to LIVE their dreams & aspirations. Do yourself a favor. If getting up & going to work is a drudgery; if you aren't excited about life; if it's a chore to just get through the day; shake yourself up & determine today that today's a new day! Don't allow your passion for life to be smothered inside another minute. You, too, can end your Facebook texts with the signature I'm so grateful to use each day, "#LivingMyDream"!

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