Attitude Check

Do you realize that you make everyone who knows you Happy? You truly do! Every day of your life, you bring joy to others one of two ways: either when you enter a room, or when you leave it; when you open your mouth, or when you close it! Which is the case for you?

Our attitudes either make or break us. Your outlook on life works as either a magnet, attracting others to us, or as a repellent that causes folks around us to scatter like bugs running from a can of Raid!

The average person has around 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those, 48,000 tend to be negative, with only 12,000 being positive! No wonder our world is filled with negativity! Make it your goal to be a positive influence on the people in your corner of it.

Test yourself today. Put 10 coins in your left pocket first thing in the morning. Each time you utter something negative, move a coin to the right pocket. If you quickly find the left side empty, that's your sign that you need to make a change!

Remember, attitudes are contagious! Make yours worth catching!

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