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About Dr. Chris Bowen

Author, Orator, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Coach, Leader


Dr. Christopher Bowen was Founder of Living Faith International in Forest Park, Ga.  He was born and raised in Ohio, then moved to Atlanta after graduating high school to attend Beulah Heights University. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987.

In 1990, Dr. Bowen established Living Faith International with 15 active members. The organization grew at a phenomenal rate and after the seventh building project, the auditorium now seats 1,300, with multiple gatherings weekly.  

Dr. Bowen continued his education, receiving his Master’s degree in Leadership Development at Southwestern University in Oklahoma and his Doctorate of Ministry in Personal Care and Counseling from Oral Roberts University in April 2011. Dr. Bowen is a professor at Beulah Heights University and Virginia Bible College, where he instructs several classes such as: Success for Life, Marriage and Family, Pneumatology and Early Hebrew History, Financial Freedom, Coaching Essentials, to name a few. He is the Executive Director of Dream Releaser Coaching, a motivational speaker, and travels internationally to speak on topics such as time management, body language, communication, and financial freedom. In addition to operating in leadership, he is also a business owner and entrepreneur, of Bowen Wilson Properties, CEO of C-Bo Enterprises and the CEO and founder of 5 Star Personal and Corporate Development in Atlanta, Ga.

On December 31, 2016, Dr. Bowen decided to set the example of how to leave a thriving organization, to pursue his passion of helping others to live their dreams and to reach their desired destiny. He personally develops companies, corporations, businesses, pastors and ministries, worldwide, into 5 Star Quality.

Dr. Bowen has authored 13 books and his newest releases include; Beyond 5 Star Quality, The 5 Star Entrepreneur, and 5 Star Finances, which have become #1 selling books, selling thousands of copies in 7 countries.  He teaches how to provide greater excellence, customer service and financial freedom, not only in personal development but also in businesses, corporations, and/or churches.  Dr. Bowen resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Kathy.  He is the proud father of 2 sons, 2 amazing daughter-in-laws and is grandfather to 4 phenomenal grandchildren.


Dr. Chris Bowen is Founder of Living Faith Tabernacle.  In 1990, Pastor Chris founded the Living Faith Tabernacle in a small hotel room with 15 attendees. The ministry grew at a phenomenal rate and after several building expansions, the sanctuary on Old Dixie Road, Forest Park, Georgia now seats 1100 with multiple services per week.  In 2016, he felt the pull to retire from his successful thriving church as senior pastor, and turned over the ministry to his successor, to pursue a global outreach in leadership and motivational speaking.

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