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  • - I am a Certified Master Life Coach  through Dream Releaser

  • Coaching


  • - One can hire me as a Life Coach- I am also Executive Director of this company.


  • There are fees and packages for this $59 per session or  $199 per is month (4) or $599 for 3 months  (13 wks)


  • These are all done via phone from anywhere in the world.

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The power of life and death are in the tongue! As a child, I was constantly told that I would never amount to anything, and that I was not smart enough to achieve any goal I set for myself.  I allowed that voice to convince me that I was worthless.  Thankfully, in my late teens, I found a friend who helped me physically, mentally and spiritually change, and in doing so, my thought process also took a huge turn! I found out that I can do anything I set my mind to.  It may not be accomplished as quickly as someone else, but if I keep my focus and determination, I will achieve whatever it is I’m longing for!


As a life coach, I want to encourage you that you already have instilled within you everything you need to watch your dream and desire turn into your reality! Your destiny is out there waiting on you to arrive, and it is obtainable! If you truly want something bad enough, all you need is an accountability partner, who will be your cheerleader as YOU accomplish each step toward your dream!   In my professional experience in both counseling and coaching, I must say that coaching is far more rewarding, because I have the joy of watching clients get out of their “stuck place”, where they may know what they want, but they are clueless as to how to obtain it. Perhaps, at first, they can’t even quite put their finger on what they truly want in life. Then it’s like a “light bulb moment” happens, and suddenly, there is an excitement that swells up in them as they not only discover what they dream of, but they become determined to make that dream become their reality.


I have seen many clients lose incredible amounts of weight, with no surgery, no pills, and not by any starvation diets! It is simply determination and accomplishing short term goals they set for themselves.  I have watched clients transform from having absolutely no self-confidence, to realizing there is no person in this world (other than themselves) who can keep them from achieving anything they long to do in life.  These types of transformations are what set coaching apart from counseling, and have been my motivation to not only be a coach myself, but to train others to be able to have this same joy as a life coach!


If you are in need of a coach to help stimulate you to your success, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love the opportunity to be your encourager and biggest cheerleader!  You CAN do it! 

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