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Partner With DCB

As a partner of DCB Ministries, you will become an active part of sharing hope and encouragement to people who may not otherwise ever realize the potential they have within them.  Your monthly support, or even a one-time gift, can be used to help one student learn to Dream Out Loud. One person can change a family, community, state, country, or even the world when they unleash the dreams, ideas or inventions that may have been locked up within them before receiving the hope of knowing they can bring those things to life. 


Together, I'm sure we can impact the world and accomplish marvelous things to the glory of God. Remember, there is strength and power in partnership, and as this ministry grows, so will you. Again, thank you for considering partnering and sowing into this ministry.


Partnership is a great way to assist DCB Ministries in accomplishing the mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in learning more, then please click on the button below.


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